Thursday, 9 July 2015

Pay It Forward

Food Truck Garage, Auckland, NZ
What happens when we all look after our own vibration?  Each of us human being always aligning ourselves with the source's energy.  Then everything is always working out for us.  No one inside that vortex will be left out.

As what happened at the Food Truck Garage on one fine sunny winter Sunday afternoon.  As I was chirping away while finding a carpark with the windows rolled down, saying to my best friend on how wonderful the day was, how productive ice skating had been, how creative the source can manifests things through me, I heard a woman's voice sounding "Free ticket for you".
It took us a while to figure out what was happening.  She walked away happily and after we parked, there it was, a parking ticket paid for till 10:56pm all fully paid for us!
After a localised rain patch just for us while we ate and talk about how the tiger comes down to mate on such days when sun and rain collide, we decided that we would pay this forward to someone very different from us and definitely made their day.

No one is left out when everyone stays connected to their place of alignment with the source of love. This is what makes the world go round.  All you need is love.  Didn't I hear that before somewhere???

Monday, 6 July 2015

Being in that place

Have you ever felt that peacefulness of just being in that appreciative moment?

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Theme Park Truth: Lessons In Life

Theme parks are child's play for some and terrifying for others.  News of people being thrown off the roller coaster or rescued from so many metres high, never deter the influx of holiday makers.

Inside, there are many sections, with a few rides, that will give you different experiences.  Just like this universe, with many galaxies and solar systems, the different stars and planets, life forms that give you different experiences.

The people are queuing up to enjoy the seemingly too short of a roller coaster ride. The souls are lining up to go into their chosen incarnation.  Did you notice how short life seems to be once you're in your 60's?

Like the 4D Transformers ride, you'll decide to get on the ride again if you closed your eyes throughout.  Just as life, if you only awaken on your deathbed or if you decided to end your life prematurely, the council will probably usher you to incarnate again to learn the lessons you missed.

Life is too short to let it pass by without enjoying it.  When you enjoy it, you'll want to experience it again and again from different perspectives.  What if we sit at the back row?  What if we sit at the front row?  What if we become the victim?  What if we then become the abuser?  What if every lifetime we awaken and greater expansion is made each time?

The funny thing is, the rides that were candidates for causing potential multiple whiplash injuries, were the memorable ones and the others, we've forgotten.
This may be why souls who live at the edge and for the moment are actually the ones having the most out of their incarnation compare to the ones who chooses 9-5 office jobs.

So, carpe diem or carpe noctem.  Whichever works for you.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Quantum Beings

Quantum energy work requires us to be constantly aware that we are Quantum beings manifesting and evolving in a constant shift, and we are becoming more and more conscious of it. 
We are shifting and changing down to our cellular structure.  One feels more and more that he is shifting from a linear perspective on to a Quantum one and this is very real. Who are we and what are we after all? 
These are ever recurring questions but now is the time to perceive them not in old concepts and outdated definitions. 

The old concept of the classical science is giving way to Quantum science and when I think about it, are we not really Quantum Beings?  Entanglement...web of life..these have always been the teachings and experiences of shamans and seers throughout the ages. 
Nowadays things are shifting so fast that we need to stay aware of what is really happening within us and within Gaia's consciousness. 
We are becoming more intuitive.  
We effect each other.
We effect Gaia's consciousness into a quantum evolution only if and when we choose to. 
We evolve and Gaia evolves with us entangled in consciousness shift within shift. 
The ancient teachings are here for us again...we are ready for this as long as we allow ourselves to be. 
The masculine energy is giving way to the feminine energy again, when compassion and love are unfolding towards a New Earth Consciousness.

Saturday, 5 July 2014


When we arrived on earth, we were still connected to the other dimensions.  The way we see life were different then.  We smile at the energies that kept us company, the energies that surrounds our mothers and made her cradle the safest place to be.

As we grow, our visions adjusted itself to the earth's density, our main program that we chose, started.  We slowly lose that connection to the other dimensions.  Instead, we identified ourselves as that person that we see in the mirror everyday.

The other dimensions are still there.  Existing as always, alongside us, between our densities.  But we're too busy to stop and notice it.  We adore our programming so much that we forget that once, we knew much more than our own limited program.

Our other dimensions' families are always there, waiting for us to notice them. But we are too busy in forgetfulness.
They wait and talk to us patiently.  Do we listen?  
Even if we want to listen, do we know how? 
Is it within our cultural programming to 'not believe' in all this?
They come to us in our dreams.  Do we take it seriously? 
Do we shake it off as just a dream?
They show us there are more to life than time and money.  Do we remember? 
Do we we want to listen when we are made to think that we are in a competition here.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Lover and The Love

The lover seeks love.
Where is that great love that he longs for?
She does not exists.
Love is the great mystery told in story books.

The lover marries.
Love should be there, or so he thought.
He kept on searching.
That love he longs for, belongs to God.

The lover searches for God.
There are many gods.
Which is the real love?
The lover continues to search.

30 years have passed.
Where is that love?
It was not in the marriage.
Yet he stayed, as children were his love.
But they don't understand.

The lover saw himself.
In another lover.
She is love, or so he thought.
Together the discover.
Together they met love.

Love is a vibration.
Love is an energy.
Love is God.
Love is us.
Love is them.
Love is you.

Love does not depend on anyone.
Love does not want anything from you.
There's no need to ask anyone to love you, nor there is a need for anyone asking you to love them.
Love is just is, it is right here, right now, right there, because you are already... LOVE.

The lover is the LOVE.
Love is the LOVER.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Dreamer and The Stream

Dare to drink straight from the stream?
I was born in the western culture into Catholic Christianity family.  Since childhood, I was very attached to nature and often went into day dreaming trance, sometimes hearing voices calling my name.

I was fascinated by the people we call Saints and their devotion to God.  Growing up, I started questioning my cultural beliefs.  Teachers thought I was naughty and later a revolutionary dreamy child asking stupid questions.

Reaching the age of 12, I was put into the Seminary on advice from the village priest who saw a great potential in me for priesthood.  However, it never crossed my mind and I continued searching and praying.

I started learning the Occult, Hinduism, Buddhism and then Sufism and Islam. 
I also studied the Gnostics and critical studies about the Bible. 
I saw them as different departments underneath which flowed the sacred golden stream. 
Each religion taught about the stream but I wanted the stream itself.

I never wanted to be a disciple of Jesus… I wanted to be him.  I never wanted to be a disciple of Buddha…I wanted to be Buddha (Awakened) myself.  
I prayed in churches and in temples as well as in mosques but the real HOLY place I found each morning by the sea, waiting for sunrise and communing with the SOURCE
I had found the Golden underlying stream which feeds each religion and daily I drink from it and bathe in it.

They were seeing me dancing without being able to hear the music and so they call me crazy…they call me mad…they say I am a dreamer
Just throw away your unwanted baggage, your burden, and remember what peace there is within you. 
But first you have to AWAKEN to the reality of your burden…your unwanted baggage…